Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

"It wasn't witchy, it made her feel better"

What happens when you have a really popular and successful horror film? Why you make a sequel and you make it as fast as possible. That's what the makers of "Paranormal Activity" decided to do in 2010. But there are some movies out there that are just good in one single movie and don't need a sequel, that's the case with this movie.

"Paranormal Activity 2" is very much like the first one. Another family, in this case the sister of Katie from the first film, who bring home a new baby only to find themselves in a house that is being haunted. The film acts as a prequel to the original film but suffers in every aspect possible. First off, there's not enough crazy things happening and when they do happen it happens too late. In the first film the strangeness began pretty quickly in this one it takes so long that by the time it happens nobody cares anymore. And the early on strangeness is so fucking subtle if you're not paying close attention you don't even see it. There's a scene pretty early on of the dog barking and scratching at the basement door, fine that was weird, but after that nothing really happens. And a lot of the things that happen are just so goofy that you're not afraid but laughing. You can catch yourself sighing in grief every time another "Night #" graphic comes on the screen, because it's just another case of the film never ending.

This family is so stupid too. Nobody apparently has a job and they live in a huge mansion. They install all these motion sense cameras for no real reason and then they never want to check the cameras except for the daughter who no one listens to anyway. Once the mother starts acting weird nobody seems to want to get the baby out of the house to safety. The ending of the movie is flat out stupid and very reminiscent of the first film. Overall the film fails to do anything but bore you. I truly hope they don't make a third film and it just stops.