Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Journey Through Horror Films

Way back in 1997 I was 13 years old and couldn't care less about horror films. I really disliked them and wanted nothing to do with them. This was early on in 1997 when a little film called "Scream" was still in theaters and it was a hit. As 1997 went on the film made it's way to VHS and everyone and their mother was talking about it in my school, finally I was the outcast who hadn't seen the film, so finally I just said "fuck it" and watched a copy my brother had.

Needless to say the movie had a MAJOR effect on me. After the film was over I just sat there and couldn't believe how great the film was. Remember this was in 1997 long before people would look down upon "Scream" as being another one of "those" horror films, with TV casts and just another rip off. "Scream" was something the slasher genre needed and it probably wouldn't have been reborn if not for it.

This was towards the end of 1997 and beginning of 1998 when "Scream 2" had hit theaters, so shortly after seeing the original I went with my brother to see "Scream 2" and loved every minute of it. I slowly began to realize that I was liking horror films. As 1998 went on I began to watch more and more horror films, spending my spring break renting tons of movies from a local video store. For Christmas 1998 I received "Scream 2" on VHS as a gift.

1999 was a HUGE year for me and horror movies watching every single "Friday the 13th" film during my spring break and many many other films as well, this was back when VHS was still readily available and I was able to take in many upon many classic horror films. By 2000 it was easy for me to say that I was a horror fan.

For the past 11 years my viewing of horror films has dwindled but every once in a while I still find something that I enjoy. I am very much looking forward to seeing "Scream 4" in April because "Scream" was the film that not only got me into horror films but it also got me into writing and filmmaking. "Scream" is a very important film in my life because it influenced me to do what I love to do the most.